an idea was hatched

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it was a hot day on the savanna. your intrepid entrepreneurs were hot, hungry, thirsty and starting to get a bit crabby. they’d been looking for ostrich eggs all day with no luck.

“this is absurd!” i said in the backdraft of a passing ostrich. “these ostriches are obstreperous!”

“yes,” my partner in crime replied. “selling organic, free-range, gathered in the wild, ostrich eggs is ridiculous. let’s sell jewelry instead.”


1. marked by unruly or aggressive noisiness

2. stubbornly resistant to control 

-merriam webster


well, you know. a colossal chicken with extraordinarily long legs and neck. it has some lovely feathers that have captivated fashion designers for decades.

-not merriam webster


put them together you get obstreperous ostrich: one of a kind jewelry for a one of a kind you.