about us

Obstreperous Ostrich: A Serendipitous Journey of Art and Entrepreneurship

Obstreperous ostrich is a women-owned company based on the western slope of Colorado. It is kind of a miracle we are even in business. It was pure serendipity.

The Fateful Encounter

Have you ever seen something that intrigued you so much that you immediately

thought you had to have it? I have. It happened in an unassuming place, a factory floor.
A work friend walked up to me and said, “Look at what I made.” I was instantly captivated by the necklaces made from a tiny painting.
I was so beguiled that I volunteered to sell these charming necklaces. The funny thing was, she was coming to my workstation to suggest the same thing.

The Artist and the Capitalist Pig

My friend is a true artist. She was going to make these magical creations with no thought of selling them. I on the other hand knew that if I forked over $20 without thought for something that made me so instantly happy, others would too.

And so, two friends, one an artist, one a capitalist pig, decided to share some joy in the world. founded in 2019. obstreperous ostrich went live on the web on April 1, 2020, on what we consider a very auspicious day.

A Celebration of Individuality

Nearly five years later, here we are, offering one of a kind wonderful for a one of a kind you.

We continue to offer necklaces but in true artist fashion, my friend continues to try new things and we have added key rings and bookmarks to the mix. Each one is handmade. Each one is unique. Each one a treasure.